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What's on at Kintaline Farm in 2015

Plant nursery : herbs and perennials
Seasonal supplies of Jacob mutton, lamb & free range pork
Fleece & Fibre : fleeces, batts and roving for craft work from native breeds
Feed Store : smallholding, pet and wild bird feeds
Poultry and Waterfowl housing, mail order throughout the UK

Host of Local Origins Rural Network Community Producers Market
Host of Ardchattan Parish local History Archive
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poultry coops and housing for ducks geese and chickens

Practical Affordable WATERFOWL AND POULTRY HOUSING available throughout United Kingdom

information about our hardy plant nursery

Our hardy PLANT NURSERY where we grow interesting and unusual perennials, herbs

information about our jacob sheep flock

Argyll JACOB SHEEP, raised here on the farm for their lamb, mutton, fleece and rugs

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Kintaline Farm : Hardy Plant Centre
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Plant Centre and Nursery, Oban, Argyll
We are just 10 miles north of Oban.

We specialise in growing all sorts of herbs, hardy perennials, and a few tender curiousities, lots of rhododendron hybrids, thousands of bulbs, and are increasing the range of interesting and unusual varieties all the time.

Perennials ~ Herbs ~ Rhododendrons ~ Clematis ~ Alpines ~ Bulbs ~ Grasses ~ Bog and Riverside ~ Vegetable plants

view across our plant centre

We aim for hardy strong plants that will grow well in your garden - we DO NOT get weekly deliveries of grown plants in by lorry from the large distributers. It is these sorts of plants which tend to be very soft as we have found, to our cost, from gardening in the area for over 20 years. They come out of totally controlled, perfect, growing conditions - the likes of which do not exist in real life !!!

Our plants start their life here as seeds, cuttings, divisions, or plugs of those goodies that are not allowed to be propagated for resale. Stock that comes in from outside comes from other passionate nurserymen and women, not the "factory farmers". They are grown on, most of them outside, in our own nursery so that by the time they are ready for sale to you they are strong, and tough. We do have a few polytunnels which helps to prevent unsightly wind-burn on some plants, and helps to prevent waterlogging in the likes of some herbs in the winter. As you can see, our climate is hard work for our young plants, so they will LOVE to be in your garden.

Herbs are a fascination, the breadth of varieties and their uses are addictive.
bulbs grown at kintaline garden plant centre, by oban argyll        

There is plenty of parking with disabled access to the plant centre. Some of the area is covered with a tunnel (which just helps to keep the wind and rain off some of the younger plants in the spring and us humans while potting and sowing :~]) It also means you have somewhere to go if we get the odd shower - it happens sometimes in Argyll!

I hope to put up lists of what we are growing this year but most years I simply run out of time. Just come in and see for yourself.
Every First and Third Thursdays of the month, from March to December, we also have the Local Producers Market here at the farm. So you can indulge in so much more local produce.

Experienced advice is available to help you get the most from your gardening.

We DO NOT do mail order - sorry.

Tim and Jill Bowis
Kintaline Mill Farm, Benderloch, OBAN Argyll PA37 1QS Scotland
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Here at Kintaline Farm we have very full days with our plants and livestock outside, family, guests and customers visiting the farm, as well as email and phone customers.
Please email with your daytime and evening telephone numbers if you are having difficulties getting hold of us by phone. We will return your call as soon as we can.

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Proud to be members and committee for our local Sustainability Network : Local Origins Rural Network

Our Internet provider here is Plusnet, we have been with them for many many years, even with our weak exchange we get a very reliable service, which just does what we want, without fuss or bother.